“A disciple is not above his teacher,
but everyone when he is fully trained
will be like his teacher.”

— Luke 6:40


Many have quoted John 8:32 throughout the centuries. But many have also conveniently ignored the preceding verse where Jesus says the mark of a true disciple is someone who obeys his words (Jn 8:31). This is yet another example of how we, sinners all, have once again twisted Christ’s words. The gospel message is not simply “Believe in Jesus and you will go to heaven when you die.” The gospel message is that “Jesus is Lord of all.” A disciple then is a Christian who doesn’t merely “feel bad”, but through God’s Word and Spirit, has a fundamental heart change that leads to a life change where everything we think and do–including academics, work, relationships, art, politics, dreams, and passions–are brought under the reign of Jesus, the Lord of all.


So, in prayerful dependence upon the Holy Spirit, Discipleship Training aims to do all that it can to promote discipleship that is begotten, grown, and sustained by the Christ-centered, Christ-exalting teaching of his Word. Our vision is to make disciples who make disciples, ultimately making disciples not just within Hope Chapel, but the nations.

Because it is challenging for the church to train her members only on weekends, we have a 25-week training course that, Lord-willing, will help participants live as true disciples who make disciples who make disciples. During the course, participants will learn some of the various disciplines of Christian living, which equip one to walk daily with Christ for a lifetime.

Our prayer is that twenty-five weeks later, course participants might think, work, and live quite differently because of the fact that Jesus is Lord; and obey the call to make disciples of all nations. (Matt 28:19)

For more information, please contact: sebastiankim@hopechapelmd.com